If the Catholic Church has abandoned Her authority to guard the Holy Eucharist against sacrilege and souls from self-condemnation, then we are now an apostate ‘Open Communion’ Church.

Whenever the teaching does not match the praxis, the people gradually lose reasons to believe. Inconsistency, duplicity, and special treatment are all behavior types that work at loosening the strings that bind the community together, and that is precisely where we are at in the Catholic Church today; at least in the United States and Germany, but perhaps in most of the northern hemisphere where it is factually known that the Church, in both the Eastern and Western traditions) has always taught that ministers must only administer the Holy Eucharist baptized Catholics in full communion with Catholic Church (Cf. Code of Canon Law – CCL 844, Canon of Eastern Churches CCEO 671), and that the minister of the Holy Eucharist must not administer the Sacrament to “those upon whom the penalty of excommunication or interdict has been imposed or declared, and others who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin” (i.e., those who are not in full communion) (CCC 915, CCEO 712).

Although this is the clear teaching, law, and tradition that we can find being authoritatively taught as early as Saint Paul’s Letter to the Corinthians (Cf. 1 Cor. 11:23-32), the praxis of our Catholic bishops has become dramatically divergent from it. So dramatically, that is it correct to say today that the praxis of the faith, in regard to the administering of the Holy Eucharist, is that the Church has formally adopted the Protestant theology on ‘Open Communion; that is, the administering of the Holy Eucharist to non-members, non-believers – without requirement, circumspection, or inquiry.

The guiding ideology at the root of the Protestant’s ‘Open Communion’ is indifferentism, which informs them that the Church does not have authority to interfere or mediate the relationship between the individual and Christ Jesus. Rather than the authority of the Church, the Protestant idea is that the individual has the sole authority to determine whether they are worthy of reception, based upon their own conscience.

Such liberty given to the individual’s conscience to inform the Church, rather than have their conscience formed by the Church has never been the Catholic idea, and it would defeat the purpose by which Christ Jesus established His Church on earth. For, inasmuch as the individual has a right to pray for the Sacraments, the Church was not given the purview to abandon her duty to guard the Sacraments against abuse, sacrilege, desecration, and assassins.

The guiding principle of indifferentism naturally leads to the denial of exceptionalism. There must not be anything special or exceptional about the Holy Eucharist if (He) is treated so lackadaisically. It must not be a true treasure if our heart does not guard it and our bodies do not protect it. The Holy Eucharist must not be worth dying for if (He) is not even worth caring for.

Yet, the amazing uniqueness of Catholic praxis and local heretical teaching of ‘Open Communion is that it even has a tier or class system for apostate politicians. We know this because according to a press release of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, politicians who are not in full communion with the Catholic Church, such as President Biden and U.S. Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Ted Lieu, who all aggressively evangelizes and advances anti-Catholic legislation for prolicide (i.e., the killing of one’s own offspring), sodomite marriage, free-will divorce, contraception, transgenderism, and embryonic stem cell destruction, it remains up to individual parishes whether such persons will be admitted to receive the Holy Eucharist, and for at least one Parish Council of a Jesuit Catholic Church in Washington, D.C. – Holy Trinity – has fully embraced the Protestant teaching of ‘Open Communion’, in writing, they “will not deny the Eucharist to persons presenting themselves to receive it.

We are living in one of the most horrific times in the history of the Catholic Church. Homosexual heretics, Freemasons, Communists, and men who flatly hate God and want you to go to Hell are in charge, and it looks like they are in charge. We need an inquisition to root all of these demons out, but the people who would be in charge of the inquisition are the very same people.

I wish changing their behavior or getting them to care were as easy as withholding our offerings or protesting. Certainly, I am not saying we should not effort in those regards, but these men are not dogs we can train with a shock collar. No, these men are Legion – their Father replaces one with another when one leaves – and they all belong Satan and want us in bondage to sin and death. They are no different from drug dealers. One gets locked up and there is another ready to take his place to keep selling drugs of death.

So what do we do? The long game is that we raise up strong young men in the tradition and make sure that they discern whether they are being called to the priesthood, and those who are called we support them and protect them. In the short term, we make as much noise as we can to let those in charge know that we know they are Legion, and, four our part, with our entire mind, body, and soul, we must cooperate with God’s grace to live holy lives.

I had a dream I walked on my knees all the way up the communion line. Perhaps holiness is infectious. Perhaps that is why the saints oftentimes encountered other saints sometime during their earthly life. I know what Church building is was in my dream. Maybe we all can be as bold as I was in my sleep and people might learn from us how you approach the King of the Universe.

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