Catholic Trendiness is probably one of the most insane movements in the entire universe! It is truly an incomprehensible banality that such a contradictory nomenclature is even a thing that exists in our space. How is it even possible for Catholics who were reborn into a Divine institution that was breathed by THE Living Word of Truth Himself, who through the Catholic Church, gave to the world the Sacraments (i.e., the visible signs of His love and truth), now be the plainest and most visible sign of Satan’s influence on earth?

From ‘The Land O’Lakes Statement‘ of 1962, which gave us trendy Catholic higher-education, to the ‘Novus Ordo Liturgy’ of 1965, which gave us the trendy-protestant-like Catholic Mass, over the last half-century, the Catholic-Trendy movement has done nothing but to create and to normalize an idolatrous and voyeuristic culture where trendiness is more important than righteousness, and where we all get to watch the unchangeable dogma being forced to fornicate with lies and evil.

To define this phenomenon further, Catholic Trendiness is what happens when Catholics just want to be like everyone else and get sucked into going along with whatever the latest social liberal trend is; it is what happens when Catholics just want to be accepted and to be liked by the world and on the ‘right side’ of liberal history. Rather than being a holy and set-apart people, Catholic Trendiness promotes the opposite of living one’s life with heroic virtue. It rejects being a visible sign of contradiction, being a voice in the wilderness, fighting for righteousness, and dying in martyrdom. Synonymous of being Catholic-Trendy would include, weakness, cowardness, hypocrite, and being a tool for evil.

Examples of the Catholic-Trendy movement regarding the Vax-Tranny Cult should be well-known by now and anger every good Catholic. Catholic Dioceses should not be forcing their staff to violate their conscience rights for a vaccine that is not necessary for survival. Catholic Bishops should not be committing the sin of idolatry by making the abortion tested/tainted vaccines a prerequisite to receive the Sacraments. Yet, the reason why such evil occurs and is being allowed is because the Catholic-Trendy movement does not think in the context of eternal consequences, rather, they can only go as far as being able to frame their thoughts along the lines of instant emotional gratification, compliance to the latest liberal lunacy, and conforming themselves and the Church to the world.

In regard to Catholic education, I was simply amazed at how the scandal at Benet Academy in Lisle, Illinois went Catholic-Trendy so fast. It was reported (here and here) that after extending a lacrosse coaching job offer to Amanda Kammes, who is an alumnus of the school and who was previously coaching lacrosse at Montini Catholic High School in Lombard, Illinois, Benet Academy administrators then rescinded her job offer after Kammers wrote her wife down as her emergency contact. Sidenote: Bishop Robert Barron is an alumnus of Benet Academy as well.

Now, at this point, the saga could have played out like everywhere else where this unfortunate situation occurs; where (1) the school issues a press release affirming their commitment to the teaching of the Catholic Church, (2) the local Bishop supports the school’s decision, (3) the teacher/staff sues the school, the public shows support for the teacher who wants a job at a school belonging to a religion that calls her lifestyle an abomination, and then (4) most likely ends up losing their case in court because the court finds that there was no discrimination because religious schools and institutions have “ministerial exception”; moreover the teacher/staff would not have been able to sign a contract that binds them to not publicly live in a way that violates teachings of the Catholic Church. Bing – Batta – Boom – Case Closed.

Yet, in the Catholic-Trendy world, things flow a little differently. In the instant case, after Amanda Kammes had her offer rescinded, a petition came with more than 3,000 signatures of alumni, students, and parents pushes for Benet Academy to reinstate the lacrosse coach, Benet Academy then issues a press release affirming their commitment to the teaching of the Catholic Church, and that statement was followed up with a group of Benet alumni, students, and parents protested outside the school in defense of Kammes, and then the school rescinded their decision to rescind Amanda Kammes lacrosse coaching job offer.

Only in Catholic Trendism was Benet Academy able to issue a press release saying, “we employ individuals whose lives manifest the essential teachings of the church in order to provide the education and faith formation of the young people entrusted to our care,” and the next day decide to abuse their students by placing them into the care of an obstinate and unrepentant heretic. Imagine Benet Academy hiring Jesuit James Martin or Martin Luther or Satan himself to teach 9th Grade Theology? Any sane person would call that child abuse, but not in the Catholic-Trendy Movement, where humanism and idolatry are first, and Christ and His Church are last.

By this precedent, Benet Academy has rendered itself legally incapable of ever being able to enforce their mortality clause on any other employee or prospective hire. Their unforced error here makes one wonder, who is this school’s legal counsel? Legal Zoom? 😄

The idolatry at Benet Academy caused me to reflect on that day in August 2017, when Althoff High School in Belleville, Illinois rescinded their job offer to me after I disclosed on my application that I had a felony conviction in 2004. After responding to David Harris, the now-retired principal of Althoff, that I did not disclose that information in the interview because it was nearly a decade ago and it had nothing to do with the job I was applying for, he told me over the phone that they needed to rescind the job offer of me teaching theology at Althoff because they would get bad press from the Belleville Democrat newspaper, and that Bishop Edward Braxton (now emeritus) would not like that.

A few days later I received a letter in the mail stating that it was because I had not listed every job I had prior to 2013 on my application and because I would not pass a background check. If a company admits that they are not going to hire me because I did not list that I worked at Burger King in college, I am fine not working for them. If a company admits that they are not going to hire me because they practice discrimination against people who have a felony conviction in the distant past, I am fine not working for a place like that as well, but do not tell me over the phone that you are going Catholic-Trendy and just want to be liked by the Belleville Democrat, that you are a coward, a fake, and you are not truly a Catholic, and then send me a letter that was written by the Diocese lawyer after your ‘Black Lives Matter Bishop’ gets wind of your discrimination. Come’on Man!

There is really something mentally and spiritually wrong with Catholics who hate Catholicism. They belong to a Church that they just want to inveigh against, change, and mock in public. What is so wrong with believing something and dying for it? What is so wrong with being a martyr? What is so wrong with not being liked by your enemies? Catholic-Trendism is going to be the death of the institutional Catholic Church in the West because it is a faith without a backbone and no shell or venom to protect itself from its natural predators, and also because no really one likes or respects cowards. What Catholic in their right mind would send their child to Benet Academy right now?

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