Excerpt of Essay Published at One Peter Five – https://onepeterfive.com/former-freemason-explains-freemasonry-pt-1/

I have found that amongst the more faithful Catholics that the dangers and influence of Freemasonry are more discussed and thought about than any other group of people in the world. In fact, in both length and longevity, no organization has written more on the dangers and Freemasonry than the Catholic Church. The hostility of some Baptist Protestants and Muslims towards Freemasonry, and the general suppression of Freemasonry in most communist countries does not even come close to matching the consistency, clarity, and authority that the Catholic Church has contributed to this subject. Yet, even with this, Freemasonry and the Masonic Orders are terribly misunderstood among Catholics, even by those who talk about them the most.

Speaking correctly about what Freemasonry is and what the Catholic Church actually teaches about its threat is not only good for Catholics, but it is also good for those who have been enticed and drawn into becoming a Freemason. In contrast, speaking incorrectly about Freemasonry, harms Catholics personally and spiritually because it leaves them ignorant of dogmatic truths, and it harms any good work of evangelization that they could have done to lead Freemasons out of Freemasonry if they had not been ignorant.

To help clear up any misconceptions or bad information, in this essay, I will be defining and broadly explaining the formal organization of Freemasonry and how membership in it is distinguished. In future essays, I will treat the religion, philosophy, rituals, and plots of this organization.

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