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Voicing Truth and Reason:

The David L. Gray Show’ (Voicing Truth and Reason); airing live on Wednesdays at 4 PM CT on the 39 stations of Guadalupe Radio NetworkCall into 877.757.9424 – Tweet at Me at #DLGonGRN

The David L. Gray Show is an important weekly monologue and conversation about the most current issues in the world today. It looks at areas where faith and culture are dramatically clashing and brings analysis and reason to these issues through Catholic Tradition and Scripture. David is talking about liturgy, theology, history, technology, prolicide, current events and controversies, fatherhood, marriage, dating, television, secret societies, sports, finance, great books, politics, bourbon, and donuts.

David L. Gray earned his Master of Arts Degree in Theology from Ohio Dominican University and has authored several books on Catholic history and theology. He leans heavily into Dominican spirituality and the importance of the constant pursuit of a deeper and fuller understanding of the truth. His unique background and conversion to the Catholic faith helps to facilitate some of the most interesting conversations and talks on Catholic radio today.

January 2022 Schedule:

  • January 5, Episode 45 of the David L. Gray Show – Voicing Truth and Reason – Monologue on the liturgical theology of the Epiphany and on the real insurrection against the Kingdom of God – Guest, Bear Woznick, World Champion surfer, certified ninja black belt, and host of EWTN’s Deep Adventure radio program, on to talk about his new book, ‘Deep Adventure: The Way of Heroic Virtue‘.
  • January 12, Episode 46 of the David L. Gray Show – Voicing Truth and Reason – ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW – Monologue on the three reasons why Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrations are incompatible with the liturgy of the Catholic Mass – Guest, Casey Chalk, contributing editor at the New Oxford Review, a senior contributor for the Federalist, and a frequent contributor to the American Conservative and Crisis Magazine, comes on to talk about his new book, ‘The Persecuted: True Stories of Courageous Christians Living Their Faith in Muslim Lands
  • January 19, Episode 47 of the David L. Gray Show – Voicing Truth and Reason – Monologue on the return to Ordinary Time in Unordinary Times – Guest, Father Brian Lynch of Transfiguration Catholic Church in Oakdale, Minnesota comes on to give his thoughts the year after his viral homily over the Catholic Bishop’s betrayal that gave us Joe Biden. We are also talking about his faith journey from a scientist, how he thinks the SCOTUS will weigh in on the MS 15-week abortion ban, and on fruits of Protestantism 500+ years later.
  • January 26, Episode 48 of the David L. Gray Show – Voicing Truth and Reason – Monologue TBD – Guests, Tito Edwards from BigPulpit.COM on what happened this month, and Kevin Pilon, financial advisor from Thrivent on to give some good and sound Catholic financial advice.

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