The 16 Sessions of this course will cover the origins of Freemasonry, the philosophy and principles of Freemasonry in each of the three craft lodge degrees, Freemasonry as a religion, each of the papal and congregation of the doctrine of faith documents against freemasonry within their historical context, perspective, continuity, and impact, and in the last session, I will place Freemasonry within the context of it belonging to the ongoing reordering of the world or the great reset as it’s being called now.

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The Dominican Way Learning Objectives

A Dialectic Towards Divine Truth, Liturgical, and Contemplative


In Dominican spirituality, preaching in a way that leads to God, takes the form of teaching. Here, I engage the student in a curriculum that desires only to discover the truth. For, truth is a person, named Jesus Christ.


As a first principle, the Dominican is contemplative. For, without prayer, the active life is doomed to lean into Satan and his devices. Here, the student learns to study, read, write, pass exams on their knees.


Dominican spirituality is liturgical; meaning that it is a life of prayer that prepares us to engage in the world. Here, the student is called to build their intellect for the benefit of God's people and their own calling.


The Novena for the Spiritual Welfare of the Black American Community is a special time of prayer in which people all over the world call to God through the intercession of Venerable Father Augustus Tolton, for the Spiritual Welfare of the Black American Community.


This website is devoted to Dorothy O’Neill Weimar and contains what she carefully wrote about regarding Our Lord’s first interventions in her life that served to define His will for her. Dorothy notes how Our Lord connected her future life and mission with Saint Dominic, his Order, and to Saint Mary’s Church which was under the care of the Dominican Friars.


The Mission of Saint Dominic’s Media is to acquire, develop, produce, market, and distribute works of non-fiction and fiction that reflects the Dominican spirit of a life devoted to liturgical prayer, study of sacred truth, and zeal for the salvation of souls, for an audience that is seeking a richer, deeper spiritual life while living in the world.

We seek to do all things Deum verum, for the truth of God.

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