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Voicing Truth and Reason – Episode 18 (Attack on the Eucharist, Father James Altman Deserved Better, Kevin Pilon on Taxes)

The David L. Gray Show – 5/26/21 – 4pm CST
1. Bishops Attacking the Holy Eucharist?
2. Fr. James Altman Deserved Better
3. Finance Wednesdays – Kevin Pilon Financial Advisor on Taxes and How to Reduce Them “Legally”

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Voicing Truth and Reason – Episode 17 (Is Blasé Cupich America’s Pope and SCOTUS Review of Mississippi Abortion Ban)

Opening monologue on where Blasé Cardinal Cupich (America’s Pope?) ranks in the history of the most powerful and influential clerics in the History of the Catholic Church. It is Pro-life Wednesday – Jannique Stewart from Love Protects and the Life Training Institute will be on to talk about the upcoming US Supreme Court Review of the Mississippi Post-15-Week Abortion Ban.

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Father David Nix on the Vax Cult, Germany Apostacy & USCCB vs. Biden

On this installment of ‘Talking Catholic with David L. Gray’, Father David Nix, Priest and Diocesan Hermit (@Padre Peregrino) comes on to talk about current events in the Catholic Church and the World

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Voicing Truth and Reason – Episode 16 (Was Sister Thea Bowman a Heretic Humanist? – The Marquette NFP Method with Dr. Mary Schneider)

Monologue on the return of the heresy of Humanism and thoughts on whether the writings of Sister Thea Bowman, Servant of God, are rooted in Humanism or just a romantic notion about Negro Slave Culture. Guest Mary Schneider, Ph.D. of Marquette University College of Nursing and the Institute for Natural Family Planning on to talk about Marquette Natural Family Planning Method.

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Anne with an E – Falcon and Winter Solider – the Good Doctor (Hollywood vs. Holiness – Ep. 3)

In this episode of Hollywood vs. Holiness, David and Jannique talk about what’s great about ‘Anne with an E’, ‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’, ‘The Good Doctor (Season 4, Episode 15 – Waiting), and what’s not great about ‘New Amsterdam’ (Season 3, Episode 9 – Disconnected). (Watch on YouTube) (Watch on Rumble)

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