Series: The David L. Gray Show

Voicing Truth and Reason – Episode 25 (Liturgical Worship, Not Attendance / Timothy J. Gordon ‘The Case for Patriarchy)

Monologue on why the popular mental disposition of ‘attending Mass’ and ‘going to Mass’ is a big part of the modern Catholic problem. On the contrary, the liturgy is active and engaged sacrificial worship and it is what makes us Catholic. On to talk about his upcoming book is Timothy J. Gordon, The Case for Patriarchy will be released on Oct 01, 2021. David and Timothy are talking about Christian patriarchy vs. feminist matriarchy.

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Voicing Truth and Reason – Episode 24 (Motu Proprio Ignores the Good / Rizzy B Does the Traditional Latin Mass)

Monologue on how the polar extremes of being ignorant evil and being ignorant of the good, distorts our calling to know the Truth. From Twitter @RizzyB11 (That Black Catholic Chic) comes to talk about her first experience of taking her daughters to the Traditional Latin Mass recently. It didn’t turn how you might think.

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Voicing Truth and Reason – Episode 23 (The Critical Race Theory Incompatible with Catholicism / The Camino Project)

Monologue responding to Gloria Purvis’ & Vincent Rougeau’s claim that CRT is compatible with Catholicism. In the second half of the show, I will be speaking with Tommy Burke and Eric Phillips of The Camino Project, which is is a robust experience for young adults fostering personal and spiritual development walking the Way of Saint James.

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Voicing Truth and Reason – Episode 22 (Masonic Connection to Separation of Church and State / Deacon Kevin Stephenson – Tulsa Race Massacre)

A monologue on the Catholic tradition in the political space and why the idea of separation of Church and State was not something the Church has ever taught and its connection with Freemasonry. A chat with Deacon Kevin Stephenson of the Catholic Diocese of Tulsa about the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre and how the Association of Catholic Counselors is working to address it.

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Voicing Truth and Reason – Episode 21 (On the Gay Catholic Culture / Catholic Convert William Hemsworth)

A monologue at the end of so-called Gay Pride Month on the no longer sub-gay-culture in the Catholic Church, but one that has become defiant, proud, and in-your-face. A chat with William Hemsworth a Catholic Convert from Protestantism who fell in love with reading the Fathers of the Church. Update on the National Defense report on UFOs and UAP. Update on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop’s Open Communion Policy.

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