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Infiltration, by Taylor Marshall (Critical Review)

This is a Critical Review of Dr. Taylor Marshall's best-selling book 'Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within'. I talk about what I liked in the book and then I offer a critique of his central premise - that Freemasonry or (Freemasonic - as he so calls it) is the primary actor in the infiltration. I also get into whether Annibal Bugnini was actually a Freemason as Dr. Marshall asserts.

The Liberal Influence in Black Catholic Churches

In this third installment of the series 'They Hate Black Catholics' on Talking Catholic with David L. Gray, David traces the origins, cites examples, and explains how the systemic racism against Black Catholics lead them becoming easy prey for Democratic Party's magnificent trickery in convincing Black Americans that their cultural identity was intrinsically connected to them voting Democrat.

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