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a few things about me

Conversion to Catholicism

In 2004 I had a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ that moved me from the column of Agnostic to Protestant-Christian and later to Catholic-Christian. On August 8th, 2006 I was confirmed into the Catholic Church, taking Saint Joseph as my confirmation name. In 2007 I was moved by the Spirit of God to take the new spiritual name ‘Yoseph Daviyd’ (יוסף דוד – meaning: God will add to or increase His beloved/prince) and have called myself by that name ever since. Read more of my Conversion Story to the Catholic Church specifically, and other Stories about my Conversion.

Personal Life & Education

The oldest of eleven brothers and sisters, I was born David LaMonté Gray in 1972 and raised in Warren, Ohio where graduated from Warren G. Harding High School in 1991. I went on to earn my Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a focus in Accounting and Management from Central State University (Wilberforce, Ohio) in 1997, and studied for a Master of Arts in Management at McGregor Antioch University (Yellow Springs, Ohio). In 2017 I graduated from Ohio Dominican University with a Master of Arts Degree in Theology. My Master’s Thesis was The Pre-existent Nature of the Church: The First of the Seven Historical Marks of the Catholic Church.  My areas of specialty are Christology, Pneumatology, Ecclesiology, Sacramental Theology, and the Gospel of John.  Today, I’m serving as the President and Publisher of Saint Dominic’s Media Inc.

I am blessed to have married my best friend on June 17, 2016, and most proudly I am a Catholic Dad to four beautiful daughters. Yet, the most important job has ever trusted me with is being a father to my girls. I still don’t know what He was thinking . . .

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Anthology of Published Books

Books on Scripture and the Spiritual Life

Books on Black/Fraternal History and on Freemasonry

(NOTE: David L. Gray’s Masonic affiliation ended upon his conversion to Catholicism on 8/8/2006)

Jesus Loves You and is There For You!