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Infiltration, by Taylor Marshall (Critical Review)

This is a Critical Review of Dr. Taylor Marshall's best-selling book 'Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within'. I talk about what I liked in the book and then I offer a critique of his central premise - that Freemasonry or (Freemasonic - as he so calls it) is the primary actor in the infiltration. I also get into whether Annibal Bugnini was actually a Freemason as Dr. Marshall asserts.

10 Fun Things to do During a Liberal Homily/Rant

Over the years, Super Catholics have asked me about what they should do when their Priest devolves into turning his homily into a liberal politician's stump-speech. In this video, I offer you the 10 Funniest Things you can do whenever that sad occasion befalls upon your soul.

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