Fr. Abbé Janvier Gbénou Reads Francis Like a Book: [READ]

“You have scandalized the whole world several times by contradicting Christian Tradition”

While Pelosi Receives Communion at the Vatican, Pope Is Busy Cracking Down on Traditional Catholics

Pope Francis Again Describes Abortion as Like ‘Hiring a Hit Man’

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The Liturgical Sense of the Readings at Mass
The Liturgical Sense of the Readings at Mass
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The Novena for the Spiritual Welfare of the Black American Community is a special time of prayer in which people all over the world call to God through the intercession of Venerable Father Augustus Tolton, for the Spiritual Welfare of the Black American Community.


This website is devoted to Dorothy O’Neill Weimar and contains what she carefully wrote about regarding Our Lord’s first interventions in her life that served to define His will for her. Dorothy notes how Our Lord connected her future life and mission with Saint Dominic, his Order, and to Saint Mary’s Church which was under the care of the Dominican Friars.


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