David L. Gray

Just the Facts Ma’am

In 2004 I had a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ that moved me from the column of Agnostic to Protestant-Christian and later to Catholic-Christian. On August 8th, 2006 I was confirmed into the Catholic Church, taking Saint Joseph as my Patron Saint. In 2007 I was moved by the Spirit of God to take the new spiritual name ‘Yoseph Daviyd’ (יוסף דוד – meaning: God will add to or increase His beloved/prince) and have called myself by that name ever since. Read more of my Conversion Story to the Catholic Church specifically, and other Stories about my Conversion.
I was born David LaMonté Gray in 1972 and raised in Warren, Ohio where graduated from Warren G. Harding High School in 1991. I went on to earn my Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a focus in Accounting and Management from Central State University (Wilberforce, Ohio) in 1997, and studied for a Master of Arts in Management at McGregor Antioch University (Yellow Springs, Ohio). Today I am pursuing a Master of Arts in Theology from Ohio Dominican University while I continue to discern my call to point people to Jesus Christ.
In 2010 I founded DavidLGray.INFO, which was then incorporated in 2012. DavidLGray.INFO Inc. owns the Trade Names to Key Relevant Business Solutions (a website design group), and Erehmai Uoyevoli (a book publishing division).

Doughnuts & Spilled Ink

Writing and speaking are my gifts from God that I discovered during my freshman year at university. I was ecstatic to find God wanted to conform my gifts for His glory after I converted to the true faith. I feel most alive when I am writing and talking about Catholic theology.
I began writing about Catholicism online in August of 2010 with a free blog at Google’s Blogspot called “A Commentary on the Spiritual Life with Yoseph Daviyd,” where I would post reflections on the readings at Mass and other spiritual articles. I also had an account at Yahoo Contributor for my other commentary.
What prompted me to create DavidLGray.INFO was that there was a perception by some Catholics that I was not to be taken seriously as a Catholic writer because I earned revenue for traffic to Yahoo Contributor. So it was about October when I moved that content over to here. Then sometime in January of 2011 I learned about WordPress and added it to my DavidLGray.INFO domain and transferred my Blogspot content here; dropping the ‘Commentary on the Spiritual Life’ moniker. Then in March of that same year I merged the content from my website with my blog and it has been that way ever since.
In 2012 I thought it might be a good idea to broaden my readership, so I began writing for Catholic Stand. Some time later I got an invitation from Aleteia and Catholic Lane to write for their publications as well. Due to dwindling time and wanting to focus more on my own effort in the New Evangelization, during the Summer of 2014 I consolidated all of my spilled inked to DavidLGray.INFO, and my wonderful creation MyCatholicTube.COM.
Currently, you can typically count on updated material at this site at least once or twice a week. That includes one Reflection on our Readings at Sunday’s Mass, and one article about something I felt inclined to spill ink on.
I definitely won’t be writing as much in 2015 and 2016 as I did in years past. My time away from writing online for the next couple of years is due to my commitment to finishing up my Master’s Degree in Theology, updating my series of books on Cooperating with God, and finally writing a memoir about my conversion to being Black, American, and Catholic. It is a very interesting story so far. I hope you like when it’s done!

When I’m Not Writing

Most proudly, I am a Catholic Dad to three beautiful daughters. The most important job has ever trusted me with is being a father to my girls. I still don’t know what He was thinking. LOL I am also a Theology and History teacher at Kolbe Academy (READ: Confessions of an Online Theology Teacher), a Substitute Teacher for the Diocese of Columbus, Ohio, a Parent/Youth Mentor for Ohio Guidestone, and a Confirmation Catechist at Saint Matthew the Apostle Parish in Gahanna, Ohio.

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