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Here are all of the Catholic books I’ve ever published.

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Book: Cooperating with God: Life with the Cross, by David L. Gray

Using sacred Scripture, writings of the saints, stories from his own life, and incorporating narratives from popular books and movies such as ‘The Matrix’, ‘Lord of the Rings’, ‘Forest Gump’, and ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’, David L. Gray lucidly explains how we can discern the will of God for our lives by following Jesus from the womb of Mary to the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea. This book is an instant classic in Catholic Spiritual literature and a must have for all Christians and Jews who desire to learn how to Cooperate with God more fully.

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Book: Dead on Arrival: The Seven Fatal Errors of Sola-Scriptura, by David L. Gray

Using Scripture itself, reason, and a spoon full of humor, David L. Gray (also called Yoseph Daviyd) brilliantly reduces the doctrine of Sola-Scripture to absolute absurdity; thus rendering all of Protestantism Dead on Arrival. This book is a must have for all Christians who love sacred Scripture and desire to use it as God intended

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Book: Cooperating with God: The Bridegroom’s Prayer, by David L. Gray

Rather than learning how to avoid near occasions of sin, The Bridegroom’s Prayer teaches us how to seek near occasions of grace through reflecting on the 13 petitions of Christ Jesus in His prayer of High Intimacy to His Father before His sacrifice on the Cross (Seventeenth Chapter of John). In the first book of his series on Cooperating with God, contemplative David L. Gray (Yoseph M. Daviyd) draws from the rich treasure of sacred Scripture, patristic texts, writings of the saints, teachings of the Catholic Church, and stories from his own life to present a masterpiece in systematic Catholic spiritual theology.

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