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Mainstream Attempts to Normalize a Stolen Presidency

On ‘Talking Catholic’ TONIGHT Live Stream, I had Bobby Hesley on talking about the re-election of President Donald J. Trump and what is up with some Catholics wanting to celebrate Wilton Gregory as the first Black American Cardinal.

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The Bishops Created their Own Complex and Difficult Problem

Talking Catholic LIVE Tonight. Tune in for plenty of jokes and truth. Tonight I’m talking about news from today concerning the stolen election, the new Bishop of the Diocese of Youngstown, Archbishop Gomez, President of the USCCB forming a committee to figure out the ‘Biden difficulty’, and where we should be name-shaming Francis by calling him Jorge Mario Bergolio.

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LIVE POLL: 66% of Americans Think Trump Won Election

Talking Catholic ‘TONIGHT’ – On this LIVE STREAM we talked about the events surrounding the 2020 Presidential Election, Senator Ted Cruz beating down Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, and a new cult in Mexico formed to worship Pope Francis. We also did some LIVE – calling ordinary Americans to see what they thought about this election.

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On the Crowning of Joe Biden and the Flight to Parler

So, I have a few thoughts I wanted to share with you on this flight to the social media app Parler that so many Conservatives and faithful Catholics seem to be doing right now. I also have some thoughts on the premature crowning of Joe Biden.

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Pornography and Masturbation Kills Manhood

‘Talking Catholic’ was live with my Co-Host Jordan Pacheco from the ‘Glad Trad’ Podcast, talking with Guadalupe Radio Network host Joe McClane, author of Muscle Memory: Beating the Porn Addiction about why reclaiming authentic manhood begins with men reclaiming the gift of self-control.

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