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Introducing Muji Kasier and The Okaja Foundation

On this episode of Talking Catholic, meet Muji A. Kasier who has a deep love for the Catholic faith, the Rosary, and the tradition. She is also the founder of The Okaja Foundation, named in honor of her mother, which is doing great things to assist missions run by Catholic religious in her home country of Nigeria.

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Talking Advent with Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

On Talking Catholic Tonight LIVE, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers drops in to talk about his faith journey and his thoughts on how we should be moving towards Advent this season. If you have any questions or comments for the Deacon, just post them in the comment box.

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Father Heilman on the Coup Attempts Against President Trump

On Talking Catholic Tonight LIVE, Father Richard Heilman, Pastor of St. Mary of Pine Bluff in the Diocese of Madison and the ‘GRACE FORCE’ YouTube Channel will on talking about this faith journey, the most recent coup d’état attempt of President Trump, and the great reset.

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“Be Watchful! Be Alert!” – 3 Reasons Why We Don’t Always (1st Sunday of Advent) – Year B

In regards to our call to keep watch and to be on guard (i.e. for ourselves and for the community) against those things that might harm the house of the Lord (i.e. ourselves and the Church), there are three reasons why we tend to fail to do so consistently.

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The Calvinistic and Anti-Catholic Roots of Thanksgiving Day

The English and New England roots of the Thanksgiving Holiday are clearly Protestant and Anti-Catholic. Let’s give thanks that Protestants have lost control of that message, as we Catholics did with Saint Patrick’s and Saint Valentine’s Day.

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